Trust family, please help send me and the Coro Pittsburgh Fellows

to D.C. to consult elected officials and policy experts on after-school education

Darryl Edwards (Coro Fellow) to Washington D.C. A Project of Coro Fellows

As a part of the Coro Fellowship, each cohort works on a group project. The current cohort is working in conjunction with Homewood Children's Village specifically with their Scholars Project at Westinghouse High School (high school students working toward getting to and through college). The cohort has dedicated this Civic Strategy Week to focusing and viewing the group project from national lens.

The purpose of the Fellows traveling to Washington D.C. is to (a) visit after school programs similar to the Scholar Project, (b) interview policy experts and elected officials who focus on issues related to the Scholars Project (e.g., congressional caucus on after school time), and (c) youth advocacy.

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